Cleaning & Blasting

so I learned some things today, and i’ll have the pics up once slacker takes them off his camera (I don’t do auto work with my sexy rebel )

first of all, I can’t sandblast by just squinting my eyes really tight and looking away.

two: I should probably wear a long shirt while sandblaster.

three: and pants

four: there are apparently two standards for air couplings, the flat style and the standard style, they both look damn similar but they aren’t compatible

five: i’m going to be picking sand out of my hair for a week and I only sand blasted for maybe 20 min

six: i think the girl at mcdonalds likes me, she gave me a triple on my double cheeseburger
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Parts Gathering & more Prep

spent a good amount of the day on the ‘tex hunting up parts – had some good success and have either laid dibs or hte framework to purchase a lot of my interior pieces.

still trying to find the seats I want locally as shipping is crazy on them – mk2 GLI seats, couple friends have them and they are super comfy and the closest thing I can get to my 20th AE seats and will still easily mount in the rabbit.
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Paint Booth Reconstruction & Prep

rebuilt my structure rebuild wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be, pretty impressive that for hte most part the plastic held where as the wood buckled in tons of places – in a few pieces in two places on a single piece of wood!

I made really good progress today – even after rebuilding the plastic structure
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Paint supplies & Disaster With The Paint Booth

I want these wheels once I can find out what they are…

they are really close to the ATS type 10’s but different
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Rabbit TDI Swap – Paintbooth Construction & Still More Teardown

Not as much progress as I was hoping for today – running around to stores to get stuff took way too much of the daylight today

got the car up on “jackstands” so I can drop the suspension off – with the none straight ground the cinder blocks are IMO actually a pretty good idea for more stability

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Rabbit TDI Swap – Still More Teardown

I think I made some progress today…

when we were initially pushing the car around the driveway 4 of us couldn’t push it up the small incline to get the engine out – now I was able to push it around by myself to almost all the places it needed to go. it’s in its home for now, about 3 feet from the garage – going to construct a paint booth around it to keep all the particulates out for the paint job that will be going on soon.
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Rabbit TDI Swap – Teardown continued

The remnants of todays work

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Rabbit TDI Swap – Engine Removal Day

Engine removal day, sky was just waiting for me to get home from work but the weather held for a little while.

the engine bay all unmolested – you can see some of the crazy stuff the old owner did, like the metal overflow catch can

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Rabbit TDI Swap – Starting Teardown

It finally stopped raining, hurrah. time to strip the interior – hopefully no rust

started at the rear (thats where I like it, lololol) don’t really know why there is wood in the trunk but whatever, also something that looks like a giant ground cable

rear carpet removed and rear seats folded forward, only 2 clips hold the rear seats in!

all the seats out of the car

thats some damn dirty carpet

carpet pulled out, that glue is AMAZINGLY strong

NO RUST, its just dirt down there, absolutely NO rust on any of the floor panels

I don’t know how the fuck that boot is attached but that shit wasn’t moving, I was able to tear the carpet AND the sound deadening underneath it but wasn’t able to pry that thing off

seats, not looking so good after so many old man miles

goatse burn of some kind in the rear seats, the rear seat still looks good

started to rain so I put the tools and ish inside and put the drivers seat back in

I parked it at a slightly odd angle, some folks walking buy gave me some crazy looks

tomorrow i’m hoping to get the dash out and if the weather doesn’t poop on me most if not all of the engine

i’m trying to decide on color – the two that i’m looking at in the rustoleum lineup are the charcoal gray and smoke gray, if anyone has any pics of cars with the two colors I would very much like to see them

Rabbit TDI Swap – The Beginning

I went and looked at this car my friend’s GF’s granpa was getting rid of, he is a 93 year old man and bought it new in 1980. He is an old diesel head and had 2 spare motors and stacks of parts laying around.

this car is absolutely pristine! nothing but a few spots of surface rust, just impeccable condition.

The old guy was totally afraid of the car doing anything for him so he swapped out anything that might ever possibly fail with mechanical units, he made and installed his own damn thermostat!

engine is a fresh rebuild he did himself and it scoots the car right around, its got the 1.6 diesel with a 5 speed instead of the original 4 speed & 1.5 combo. car moves right along even with people in the car and gets rediculous gas mileage even running hard on the freeway.

before the wash after a 90 mile drive that netted me with 41mpg with a leaking injector pump (fixed it ! ) and driving it buried to the floor on the freeway the whole time

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