Paint Booth Reconstruction & Prep

rebuilt my structure rebuild wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be, pretty impressive that for hte most part the plastic held where as the wood buckled in tons of places – in a few pieces in two places on a single piece of wood!

I made really good progress today – even after rebuilding the plastic structure

a bit better picture of the carnage in the daylight – I had popped a few holes last night to drain water out and at lunch time I popped a few more.

when I got home I found that the lunch time holes just happened to drain into the interior pretty well after I left to return to work, damnit

I tried drilling the screws to use easy outs on the rear doors but had no sucess so I simply drilled out hte damn bolts – had to do it on EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN ONE OF THEM. now I just have to figure out how to get the exposed heads out of the door pieces… I think I can get a pair of vice grips on them – i’m going to deal with them later

took the front fenders off finally – the bolts on the underside are really a pain in the ass because they are covered with that sealant tar crap – found some more surface rust, I got all panicked when I saw how much there was but its all just surface rust, should clean up just fine

it all just flakes off, lucky me!

drilling the welds on the core support out – gotta take the entire core support off to put a quad round setup on, was a little beat up after all the miles anyways. going to hit the junkyards in spokane and hopefully find a good front piece.

I got all the top welds off but the drill died so I had to put that on hold. it was suggested I take a wire brush to the bottom part to better show me where the welds are as they are pretty hard to find right now.

dropped the rear axle and was then able to get the exhaust out – look at that crazy flex joint right at the front of the exhaust, talk about a restriction. going to strip the rear beam and repaint it all nice and black – gotta find some disc brakes to go back there as well

bottom side of the car is all empty now. little oily on the right hand side from what I can only assume was the injector pump leak that I fixed. hopefully i’ll be able to get that with the pressure washer – it really isn’t too bad and its not like i’m under there all the time

the days work, the front fenders, the rear doors, the rear beam and the front grill coming off. and a repaired structure!

me at my finest, the roommate grabbed the camera while I was washing my hands – and I wonder why everyone keeps staring at me as they drive by.

tomorrow i’m going to thel local sears store to see if I can get the gaskets I need to repair my pressure washer so I can hit the front of the car real well. barring that i’m going to start stripping down all the doors to get them ready for paint. I’m going to take some shit out of the garage and organize it so I have a clean space to do all that work that isn’t outside. that will be a day in itself, bleh

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