Rabbit TDI Swap – Engine Removal Day

Engine removal day, sky was just waiting for me to get home from work but the weather held for a little while.

the engine bay all unmolested – you can see some of the crazy stuff the old owner did, like the metal overflow catch can

mechanical injection FTL

guy didn’t trust the alternator voltage regulator so he went external with it, this giant beast is the result

radiator broke on him and instead of buying another inferior plastic piece he made his own end tank out of METAL

close ups of the overflow and catch cans

I finally found some rust, the battery trany has seen some better days and the lower arm has some slightly deeper then the rest of the car surface rust, I havent looked too far into it but I hope the ring around the upper strut bearing area is mostly surface rust, it looks like it is

close up of the manual thermostat – along with this monstrosity he did put in a very nice antifreeze drain – way better then popping off the lower radiator hose and keeping animals clear of the area for a few days

needed to use the tree as a hoist but we were too lazy to push the car up the slight incline of the driveway, solution? use the roommates truck to tow it the few feet

the roommate, why work when you can have someone else do it 😀

redneck engineering right there

PO took the lift point off so I only had one to use, wasnt working trying to get a wrap around the tranny either 🙁

rain intermission 🙁

undo a few more crazy bolts and brackets and the engine is free, set lightly down on the ground under the car as the come-alongs aren’t strong enough to lift it out of the car

no more working on it until tuesday, gotta go work to finance the damn project. If I bust my ass this weekend I should be able to nearly have all that I need to do the entire project

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