Cleaning & Blasting

so I learned some things today, and i’ll have the pics up once slacker takes them off his camera (I don’t do auto work with my sexy rebel )

first of all, I can’t sandblast by just squinting my eyes really tight and looking away.

two: I should probably wear a long shirt while sandblaster.

three: and pants

four: there are apparently two standards for air couplings, the flat style and the standard style, they both look damn similar but they aren’t compatible

five: i’m going to be picking sand out of my hair for a week and I only sand blasted for maybe 20 min

six: i think the girl at mcdonalds likes me, she gave me a triple on my double cheeseburger

the rear end before cleaning

the results of taking a wire wheel to some rust – thus why I got an air compressor and sand blaster

the glue, oh how I hate the glue, I went from goo gone to acetone to wire brush and none of it did a damn bit of good

punch through rust spot on the windshield line – have to sand this down and weld it over – probably why the passenger foot sill had a little bit of moisture in it – and I thought I was going to get lucky and have it be a leaky window seal

expressing my feelings for goo-gone

wet sanded the roof to get some sap spots off – it doesn’t need anything more then to be smooth with a bit of texture for hte paint to grab

went all the way around the car looking for problem spots with a fine tooth comb (thats how I found the window hole) and I found this to be hte only ding, its on the rear passenger side right behind the marker light hole, should be able to bang it out

4.5 cfm @40 PSI my ass, I doubt this thing delivered 1 cfm @40psi

the backend after a good cleaning – going to bedliner it so it doesn’t have to be perfect, just clean

it’s a german now I can curse the crout instead of lazy union US workers

the much better car, i’ve taken to parking it there so I can listen to some music while I work and so people see that i’m not working on my ONLY car, its actually had a lot more people stop by now that they see that i’m not just a damn redneck

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