Paint supplies & Disaster With The Paint Booth

I want these wheels once I can find out what they are…

they are really close to the ATS type 10’s but different

thanks 🙂 I don’t really know why people rebuild them, other then the fact that they are cool cars. I tried to quit the VW a number of times but they just fit me way too well (for better or for worse…)

I believe it just might be 😉

Disaster struck while I was away last night – guess it rained a ‘little’ more then I was planning on (read, none) and destroyed my plastic structure, I’d say it looks about half broke, I’ll get a look at what its going to take to rebuild it tomorrow – but damn thats some strong plastic, looks like i’ll just have to rebuild the frame and setup some sort of water drainage solution (it’s june in Pullman, we aren’t supposed to get rain!)

Bought some supplies this weekend while down in Portland.
Went to Home depot motorsports and got my paint – they didn’t have charcoal gray in anything but aerosol and didn’t have it in the computer to mix, turns out that rustoleum has a new large selection of mixable colors (took the paint guy and I a while to figure it out…) but in the end I was able to get a color called ‘submarine’ which appears to be darker then charcola gray (which is what I was looking for actually) Only cost me 17 bucks for the gallon. Paint guy said to dillute with acetone for spraying since its the heavier duty paint so I had to buy a gallon of that (damn that shit is way more expensive then mineral spirits)

I bought the smallest paint gun I could find and the cheapest air compressor that was rated enough to push the paint through the gun – i’m not 100% this little pansy compressor will work but it was only 50 bucks. I REALLY doubt the compressor will be enough to run the sand blaster but I don’t need it too much and can go slow with it if it’ll work. the blaster wants 7cfm @ 90 and the compressor is rated for 3cfm @ 90 😆

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