Rabbit TDI Swap – Still More Teardown

I think I made some progress today…

when we were initially pushing the car around the driveway 4 of us couldn’t push it up the small incline to get the engine out – now I was able to push it around by myself to almost all the places it needed to go. it’s in its home for now, about 3 feet from the garage – going to construct a paint booth around it to keep all the particulates out for the paint job that will be going on soon.

not much but some gloves a few wrenches, the rear seat belts, the pedals and some towels left in here, time to start scrubbing and sanding in here.

dropped the steering column out, was pulling the brake booster but lost my patience unscrewing the 4 bolts needed to take it off 1/4 of a turn each twist with a box wrench – once the brake booster comes out the pedals will be loose

repaired my pressure washer only to find another gasket blown on it – said screw it and went down and rented one. this is the result, MUCH less grease in the engine bay – still a small layer of it but its no longer piled up everywhere. – as you can see from my previous engine pics

what everyone sees from the road – no wonder people are staring at me CONSTANTLY – everything electronic sans the horn is off the car now. the window was kicked out, that was the best part of the day. It was cracked and needed to be replaced anyways

the fully exposed rusted area in the engine bay. I wasn’t able to stick a screwdriver through anywhere which is good, not sure how i’m best going to deal with this, ideally a sand blaster but not sure of the availability and don’t really want to buy one for something so small.

front doors are off. rear doors are mounted with 4 6mm allen bolts which only want to strip when I try to take them out. I’m going to get an easy out tomorrow as I can’t find mine and pull those bitches off. you can see the glue from the interior carpet that I need to remove.

the hatch and the doors. the hatch weighs almost NOTHING. the doors weigh a good amount each – hopefully i’ll be able to decrease that a bit.

riding a little high with all that weight savings now

done for the night

tomorrow the paint booth is getting built, rear doors are coming off and the car is going up on jack stands – hopefully i’ll be able to get most of the suspension off as well, and that damn exhaust hanging by a whole 2 rubber straps.

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