Rabbit TDI Swap – Starting Teardown

It finally stopped raining, hurrah. time to strip the interior – hopefully no rust

started at the rear (thats where I like it, lololol) don’t really know why there is wood in the trunk but whatever, also something that looks like a giant ground cable

rear carpet removed and rear seats folded forward, only 2 clips hold the rear seats in!

all the seats out of the car

thats some damn dirty carpet

carpet pulled out, that glue is AMAZINGLY strong

NO RUST, its just dirt down there, absolutely NO rust on any of the floor panels

I don’t know how the fuck that boot is attached but that shit wasn’t moving, I was able to tear the carpet AND the sound deadening underneath it but wasn’t able to pry that thing off

seats, not looking so good after so many old man miles

goatse burn of some kind in the rear seats, the rear seat still looks good

started to rain so I put the tools and ish inside and put the drivers seat back in

I parked it at a slightly odd angle, some folks walking buy gave me some crazy looks

tomorrow i’m hoping to get the dash out and if the weather doesn’t poop on me most if not all of the engine

i’m trying to decide on color – the two that i’m looking at in the rustoleum lineup are the charcoal gray and smoke gray, if anyone has any pics of cars with the two colors I would very much like to see them

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