Parts Gathering & more Prep

spent a good amount of the day on the ‘tex hunting up parts – had some good success and have either laid dibs or hte framework to purchase a lot of my interior pieces.

still trying to find the seats I want locally as shipping is crazy on them – mk2 GLI seats, couple friends have them and they are super comfy and the closest thing I can get to my 20th AE seats and will still easily mount in the rabbit.

found a used set of coilovers for less then I was planning on spending on just the shocks/springs 😀 and it comes with all the strut bearings and what not 😀

i’m now thinking corrado dash as its sexier then a mk2 dash and can be had for not that much more

also trying to locate some corrado brake setups – if I can’t get a good deal on a corrado setup i’m going to see about using the setup off the parts car – they are five lug but I think I can make them bolt to the hubs in the front with an extension from the hub (vw hubs integrate the caliper mounting point making bigger brakes usually require a bigger caliper, the biggest mk1 compatible calipers will only support 10.1 where as the corrado setup is 11.x, already requiring brackets) drilling the hubs for 5 bolt is a simple process and would give me way more options for wheels too… we will see though.

also looking at a used quad round grill with smoked crystal clears as the price is so right, i’d be more then happy with it anyways barely more then half the cost of just the outer angel eyes I was looking at for the whole setup with grill and inner lights

on to the important part!
did I get what I said I was going to get done, no 🙁

the bumper is attached to the front rails better then I expected with a seam weld on both sides – my jigsaw was not able to reach and I couldn’t find my hacksaw, and the chisel wasn’t doing a damn thing to those welds.

gave up on that and cleaned out the garage and and the car & surrounding area – this is the car with anything I wanted to keep removed from it. nothing but a lot of shit that needs to be washed out and glue that needs to be scraped out

look at all the nastyness

i’ve been told the nightmares of removing this glue, i’m going to start with goo gone and if that doesn’t work upgrade to acetone, and if i’m still having problems? i’ll figure that out when I get there

all the shit around the car cleaned up – anything I was keeping was put in the garage and everything else was thrown out

the garage AFTER cleaning, threw a bunch of shit away, moved all the big furniture in there and set up a few work tables – in order for me to work i’ve gotta pull the mower & pressure washer out but i’ve got more then enough room, now all I have to do is put a light in there so I can stop sleeping!

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