Rabbit TDI Swap – Paintbooth & Teardown Continued

Another day another update

Weather was crappy today but turned around and got all nice – right after I got the plastic up of course. Got a better set of easy-outs (the kind that actually work) but the holes are already too stripped to make use of them, i’m going to have to drill into the holes a bit more to get some more meat for the easy outs to grab onto – Went and dropped suspension instead of wasting time on that for now.

Paint booth after just tossing the plastic over

booth after tacking everything

the inside view -have quite a bit more space towards the garage – I did this on purpose, its a lot easier to move a plastic wall then it is to move a garage. and I still have more then enough room to walk around the car with a spray gun at the proper distance.

OBVIOUSLY I did not put all the sides on – I’ll only be doing that when it comes to paint, no point in sealing myself into a plastic bag while i’m just cleaning the car up.

you can also see I got the wheels off – was slightly less easy with all the wheels off the ground but not really that hard.

dropping the front suspension as a full package – i’ll be disassembling these and reusing the A-arms & shock holders. Will be getting replacement ball joints and bushings as well as new hubs to accomodate the larger brakes, larger axles will also be required so these ones are done for (100mm vs 90mm)

Finally spent the time taking the brake booster out – damn it took SO long. found this neat brace behind it, pretty cool that in ’80 VW had this where as even today some cars could benefit from one and don’t have it.

all thats left are hard lines (the fronts will be coming out) and fuel lines. The exhaust is crazy, it has a full rotating joint right there after the bolt in to the downpipe. I thought I got most of the crunk out of the engine bay when I pressure washed it but it looks that I missed a good amount – probably should have waited on renting that pressure washer…

the damage for the day – both front suspension assemblies, the manual rack and hte brake booster.

pulled out the shifter assembly (I just snapped it to get it out rather then figure out how to do it properly, of course it all made sense once it was in 3 pieces

damn thats a lot of cleaning! 🙁

used to be a pedal cluster, steering linkage and a fuse box here.

I’m ending up going to portland this weekend so i’ll be hitting up the few junkyards I didn’t get last weekend – mostly shopping for the bumpers and lighting setup i’ve decided to go with. quad round setup – off of a cabrio. Done the proper way i’m going to have to remove the front of the car to get the quad round “grill” – looking to do the newer style plastic covered bumpers – I dig the look of the cabrio bumper but without putting on the full body kit it doesn’t look right.

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